Monday, October 27

CIKM 2008 this week

CIKM 2008 started yesterday with tutorials, unfortunately I'm not there this year.

I can't find much online for most of them. I agree with Daniel who says, Please Blog!. Live blogging anyone? Here's a little bit that I could find on one of the tutorials:

Large graph mining: patterns, tools and case studies
(See also the tutorial from WWW 2008 and ECML 2007 on VideoLectures).

Elif and Jangwon from our lab here UMass are attending, so hopefully I'll have their highlights when they return.

You can read Jangwon's paper on blog search Blog Site Search Using Resource Selection.

Napa is gorgeous. It also happens to have some of the best restaurants in the world. I would love any coverage of those too ;-).

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