Wednesday, September 10

TREC Blog Search: 2008 and beyond

Iadh over on Terrier Team has an update on the TREC 2008 blog track and is asking for thoughts and comments for the proposed 2009 edition. Please go comment or e-mail him.

To start, he gives a brief history of the track over the past three years it's run.
Our main findings and conclusions from the first two years of the Blog track at TREC are summarised in the ICWSM 2008 paper, entitled On the Trec Blog Track. The Blog track 2006 and 2007 overview papers provide further detailed analysis and results.

He also points to a position paper by Marti Hearst, et. al., What Should Blog Search Look Like? that will be presented at CIKM 2008.

I will read both papers and give it some thought. You will hear from me soon ;-).

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