Tuesday, August 5

Welcome to the Terrier Team

The Terrier guys at the University of Glasgow have a new blog, TerrierTeam.

Iadh's posted the team's research presented at SIGIR 2008.

Welcome to the blogosphere Iadh, Craig, and the rest of the Glasgow IR team. It's about time, considering you organize the TREC blog track! ;-)


  1. Thanks for the publicity Jeff!

    I'm starting to get addicted :-)


  2. You guys deserve it.

    Blogging can be quite addicting. One piece of advice: have a list of interesting topics in the queue when you go through a dry spell.

    The blog is a great platform for the team to teach people about Terrier.

    For example, I would love to hear more about tuning Terrier. Do you guys have the training framework for Terrier that you used in Retrieval Sensitivity Under Training Using Different Measures available? A quick HOW-TO guide would be great.

    Also, maybe add more prominent links to Terrier and important pages in Terrier?

    Lastly, a hot topic for this blog is comparing search engines. It would be interesting to have your view on a technical comparison of Terrier with the other open source IR libraries.