Wednesday, August 20

Light on posting.... in transition.

I haven't had time to post anything significant recently, I've been packing and wrapping up loose ends.

Me and my wife are moving to Northampton to begin the long road to a PhD in CS from UMass Amherst at the CIIR. Orientation starts Sept. 2nd; my last day at Globalspec is Friday.

Needless to say, things have been quite hectic. More to come once we get settled.


  1. Looking forward to having you in the upper right-hand quadrant. Even if it means having to pretend we care about our respective local baseball teams.

  2. Thank you.

    Sometimes I enjoy pretending to care about the Yankees just to annoy the Red Sox fans.

  3. Jeff,

    I wish you every success with your PhD studies.

    It is a good career move, and you are certainly a very welcome addition to the IR research community.