Wednesday, July 23

News from SIGIR 08: Kai Fu Lee keynote and first slides

SIGIR is happening this week in Singapore and I have to admit, I'm jealous of the attendees. I can't attend this year, and I've been waiting for coverage. There fantastic pictures and stories about the incredible food I'm missing on the SIGIR 08 Singapore Traveler blog. However, a few stories are trickling out:

Greg's coverage of Kai-Fu Lee's keynote on Google China.

Jon's posted his slides from his presentation:

I'm going to be taking a long weekend for vacation with the family. I will see you Sunday or Monday. Hopefully there will be more coverage when I return!

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  1. thanks for the plug, Jeff. SIGIR's been fun & tasty! I hope to post some notes on a few of the more interesting papers (to me, anyway) over the next week or so.