Wednesday, July 9

Google: No Query Left Behind

Amit Singhal, the head of the Core Ranking team at Google has a post on Google's philosophy of ranking.

To summarize the article:
Today, I would like to briefly share the philosophies behind Google ranking:
1) Best locally relevant results served globally.
2) Keep it simple.
3) No manual intervention.
The first one is obvious. Given our passion for search, we absolutely want to make sure that every user query gets the most relevant results. We often call this the "no query left behind" principle...

We make about ten ranking changes every week and simplicity is a big consideration in launching every change. Our engineers understand exactly why a page was ranked the way it was for a given query. This simple understandable system has allowed us innovate quickly, and it shows...

No discussion of Google's ranking would be complete without asking the common - but misguided! :) - question: "Does Google manually edit its results?" Let me just answer that with our third philosophy: no manual intervention... often a broken query is just a symptom of a potential improvement to be made to our ranking algorithm.
Also see the older NY Times article Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine (requires registration).

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