Tuesday, May 27

ICSWM: International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media 2008 videos are online

The ICWSM 2008 videos are online, via Matthew Hurst.

I couldn't attend the conference so I am keen on catching up. In my queue:

Any other must-watch videos from those who attended? Which are your favorites and why?

Another one which I finally found online is Machine Reading at Web Scale by Oren Etzioni from WSDM 2008.

I love videolectures.net


  1. I posted links to a couple presentations that I found particularly interesting.

    Unfortunately, Marc Smith's presentation isn't on videolectures -- without a doubt my favorite of the whole conference.

  2. I can't find anything on Mark's talk.

    Do you remember anything?

  3. I think he was invited to give the talk at the last-minute, so it may not have made it into the program. He's a contributor to the Connected Action blog and posted something on his ICWSM talk there. He also talked a bit about his Usenet research, which was fascinating and not something current social media practitioners are necessarily familiar with.

    The main take-away point for me was that although social media is taking off, the existing systems aren't necessarily supporting the kinds of interaction that make the systems effective in doing whatever they do. For example, he found that in Usenet, there were distinct groups of askers & answers, with very different ways of interacting with the social network. But, all users are basically treated the same from the system's point of view. I'd like to see research on how can we better support these distinct roles through intelligent system design -- either at the algorithm or interface level.