Monday, May 19

Future of Search blog

Danny Sullivan (from Search Engine Land) and John Battelle (Searchblog) have teamed up for a blog on the Future of Search. Don't miss it.

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  1. Anonymous6:25 PM EDT

    Everytime i mention search is dead or something to the effect SEO jobs are on thin ice i get censored. I left this post on federated media future of search comments and probably will never see it so I thank you for allowing me to post it here. Blog: Google has zero incentive to improve the natural search results, there out for the almighty click ad. Same way cities, counties and state governments dont mind high gas prices or inflation because the higher an item is the more tax revenue for the government agency. If they cared about user experience they would have at least put a visual accent to the organic search results. Google proves when you rule the roost you can do what ever you want even if your not the smartest or most entertaining chicken in the bunch. They dont even need to innovate when they can simply buy the next hot rising strategic multichannel location engine network.