Sunday, May 18

Catching up: Powerset Launches, GWAP, Minion Source, Friend Connect

It's been too long since my last post, a lot has been happening. Here a few of the highlights:

Powerset launched their first product, WikiSearch, which performs semantic search over Wikipedia. It's too early to pass judgment on Powerset and its technology, but a lot of people: Fernando, Daniel, and Jonathan, and myself are still skeptical.

Luis von Ahn launched GWAP (Games With A Purpose), an extension of his past work with the ESP Game to collaboratively tag images. GWAP adds four new exciting games. Get playing!

Sun's open source search library, Minion, now has source code available for download. See my previous post. Read Steve's blog for the latest on Minion, including posts on Minion vs. Lucene. I haven't had a chance to download it and do a deep-dive, but I hope to soon.

Google launched a beta preview of Friend Connect, a platform for developers to add 'social' gadgets to their website.

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  1. You should try Powerset a bit before you're skeptical ;)

    {mark} powerset product manager