Sunday, April 20

Minion: A new open source search engine from Sun

Steve Green from Sun Labs just announced that they are open sourcing their Minion search engine. Minion is the search engine that ships with Sun's portal and web server.
Minion provides ranked boolean, proximity, and parametric query operators. In addition to the query operations, Minion provides document similarity operations as well as automatic document classification and document clustering capabilities.
It looks like my recent revisions to the OS search engine list already needs updating!

This looks like it could be a really great engine. I can't wait to see how this develops.

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  1. Chad Buie11:15 AM EDT

    That is very cool, I am like looking into all kinds of new technology to help complete the second inter-phase to my blog. I am still learning Java on my own and I am looking for a new company to host my local search engine, so that I can run Java powered searches. Do you have any suggestions about how to approach such a task? Also what are your thoughts on lucene. I am developing the idea of a scalable database that is geared for billions of webpages in the Jacksonville, Florida area. I have up to 150000 web pages index but when I started I only anticipated 10000 to 20000 and I am having more sites submitted to me daily and I drive in town and see people posting their websites on their cars, so I have a lot to index, however, I am reading on Lucene and trying to write a new indexer using the Lucene class library? How does that compare to minion? Thanks

    -Chad Buie-
    Jacksonville, Florida Search Engine