Wednesday, April 9

Daniel Tunkelang's The Noisy Channel Blog

Daniel, Chief Scientist at Endeca, has started a blog called The Noisy Channel.

I met Daniel at SIGIR 2006 and we got to know each other better at ECIR. I convinced him he should start a blog. It didn't take much effort, he has a lot to say.

Daniel first two posts cover the keynote addresses at ECIR:

Some(what) Grand Challenges for Information Retrieval
Nick Belkin, Rutgers University

Web Search: Challenges and Directions
Amit Singhal, Google

I'll try to write-up some of my thoughts on they keynotes and other highlights from ECIR later in the week.

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  1. Jeff, thanks for the publicity--and for the successful persuasion. Now I just have to make sure that my life insurance covers death by blogging.