Thursday, March 6

Microsoft Research Demos SearchTogether and CoSearch Collaborative Search Projects

Microsoft TechFest, a giant research science fair for geeks, is happening this week.

The Seattle Pi has an article covering a few of the search related projects:
One, SearchTogether, is an Internet Explorer plugin that puts a sidebar into the browser. It's meant for collaborating on multiple computers, possibly in different locations. In the sidebar, each person can see and follow the Web searches that a friend or co-worker has conducted related to their project or common interest. It uses a Windows Live ID login.

The other, CoSearch, is designed for collaborative searching on a single computer. For example, a person using a mobile phone in the room can control a cursor on the computer screen to click on a link and transfer the result to the phone, even as the people using the PC follow a different link.
Researcher Meredith Morris has more details available on her page devoted to collaborative search.

Other non-search highlights of the the event included the WorldWide Telescope and the Singularity research operating system for academics and researchers. In other news, the IE8 beta was released and there is a lot of buzz about that, watch the Channel 10 introduction video.

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