Tuesday, March 11

ECIR Industry Day Presentation: The Challenge of Engineering Vertical Search

Through a fortuitous set of events, and a generous employer, I'm very excited that I will be attending the upcoming ECIR conference in Glasgow.

I will be giving an Industry Day presentation on Globalspec and some of the research problems relating to vertical search.

The Challenge of Engineering Vertical Search

Topic-specific search engines leverage structure from deep domain knowledge to provide better ranking with more powerful search capability than a general search engine. However, our experience at Globalspec is that realizing this vision is quite difficult. In this talk I will use Globalspec's search systems as a model and outline some of the challenges that make topic-specific search hard. I will also talk briefly about our experiences using open source search technology. Finally, I will explore challenging problems for future research and opportunities for academic-industry collaboration in vertical search.

On Sunday before the conference I plan on attending the workshop on Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval. All the workshops look very interesting, I wish I could attend them all!

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