Monday, February 11

Microsoft core search PM quits to a create startup

Search Engine Land has a in-depth interview with Eytan Seidman, the program manager for the core crawling, indexing, and ranking team of Live Search. Don't miss the funny videos at the end!

The interview goes into detail on the history of Live search and Eytan's key contributions from its inception.
..Microsoft began work on its own search engine in January 2003. Eytan was the first Program Manager on the new search project and the team started out with just five developers. When he joined the team, they had just passed their first major milestone of crawling 10-20 thousand documents. "We didn't yet know how to serve or rank, but we had started crawling, so we were excited," he recalls.
The new search team put together and end-to-end system of crawling/indexing/ranking/and serving with a 100 million document index they called "Little Dog". Even though the index was small, it all worked and it was the first time they'd had an end-to-end search engine that was entirely their own. By early 2004, Little Dog was up and running.
The article reports that Eytan is leaving to work on a startup with his Ariel (ironically, from Yahoo search) in New York.

Eytan, welcome to the Empire State.

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