Tuesday, July 17

RecipeComun - Recipe Search 3.0

RecipeComun is a search engine for people passionate about food and cooking. It searches the best recipes on the web from a single place. And our (faceted search) filtering technology means you no longer have to search on multiple websites in order to filter your results to your favorite recipe site.

RecipeComun is a semantic search engine. Its detailed understanding of recipe DNA: ingredients, author, user ratings, etc... allows it to provide better results and a richer experience than other search engines. See for yourself:

RecipeComun - Recipe Search Engine

Today is our first beta release, so give it a try and let me know what you think. Over the coming weeks we have a slew of improvements and fixes planned to improve both the functionality and content in our recipe search index. If you have a favorite recipe site you would like to see added, e-mail me and we'll add it our list.

I hope you will now understand why my blogging has been a bit lapse in recent weeks.

I'll keep you posted!