Monday, August 6

Hypertext Solutions: Another NLP based search startup

Hypertext Solutions is a stealth-mode company working on a next-generation 'web 3.0' (search?) platform. It recently purchased Insightful's InFact NLP text analytics platform for 3.65 million dollars, see the press release. As part of the transfer, Hypertext is getting Insightful's Director of Engineering for Text Analysis and Search, Deep Dhillon, see the post on his blog. According to his LinkedIn profile, Dhillon was the:
Project and Technical Lead for the design, development and deployment of InFact, a scalable natural language based next generation search engine.
According to the InFact product page, now defunct, it says:
Advanced entity and relationship extraction capabilities enable researchers and analysts to quickly uncover the critical facts and trends contained within extensive collections of unstructured textual information. Results are sorted and summarized according to user parameters, with hidden relationships between people, places, objects, and organizations highlighted.
HyperText Solutions is one of several semantic search startups including PowerSet, Hakia, and Spock.

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