Thursday, August 23

Chad Walters and Patrick Tufts blogs

Today, I came across two interesting blogs that I wanted to share.

Chad Walters
Chad is the Search Architect at Powerset. His boss, Steve Newcomb, has an interview up on Steve's blog. Chad is a veteran of Yahoo Search, where he was the Lead Architect for Runtime Search under Sean Suchter (who was one of the leads on Inktomi).

Chad's blog has a great introductory article on query result and posting list caching in search engines (static versus dynamic caching). He hasn't blogged in awhile, so let's help he gets some more time!

Patrick Tufts
Patrick is an 'AI guy' working on Freebase for Metaweb (see my previous discussion). According to his blog he also invented one of the two product recommendation engines used at Amazon (cool!). Speaking of which, FreeBase just announced an open Alpha.

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  1. This is a great introductory article! Thanks for sharing! Reading your articles is a real adventure for me!