Sunday, May 6

Powerset and Natural Language Search at UW

Barney Pell, from PowerSet spoke at UW last week on Powerset and Natural Language Search. From the abstract:

In this talk, we discuss the concept of natural language search. Central to this is a new user experience, in which users express queries in natural language and the system responses respect the linguistic information in the query.

To realize this vision at broad scope and scale will require advances in a variety of technology areas, including natural language processing, information extraction, knowledge representation, and large-scale search indexing and retrieval systems.

In addition, it will require innovations in user interface. Issues include changing user behavior, educating users about the affordances and constraints of the technology, supporting users in formulating effective queries, and managing expectations.

Hopefully, the video will be online soon at UWTV.

Also in the same lecture series, Raghu Ramakrishnan from Yahoo Research gave an interesting lecture in February: Community Systems: The World Online.

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