Wednesday, April 11

Recent Graduate Courses on Information Retrieval

If you are looking to get into search, or just stay up to date on what's happening a good place to start is the latest courses being offered. Here is a review of some of the best IR Courses that were taught recently, in the past year.

CS276 (Fall 2006) - The Stanford Graduate IR course, taught by Christopher Manning and Prabhakar Raghavan. This is The Standard for an IR course. Their new book Introduction to Information Retrieval is quickly becoming one of the standard text books.

IR 11741 (Spring 2007) - The CMU Graduate IR course taught by Jamie Callan and Yiming Yang. They also taught 15-493, Information Retrieval and Web Mining, in the Fall 2006.

CS646 (Fall 2006) - The UMass Graduate IR course taught by James Allan. This course is strong on probabilistic IR and Language Modeling, UMass (and Indri's) particular area of expertise.

CSE345/445 (Spring 2007) - WWW Search Engines Algorithms, Architectures and Implementations by Brian Davison at Lehigh University. Brian is one of the creators of DiscoWeb, later to become Teoma which was acquired by Ask. He also chairs the AIRWeb (Spam) workshop.

CS584 (Fall 2006) - The Emory University IR course, taught by Eugene Agichtein. Eugene's specialty is Information Extraction. He previously worked at MSR in the Search and Navigation Group.

That's all for now, although I am surely missing some. If you run across some good ones, let me know!

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