Friday, April 20

QueryCat: The query's meow

One of my co-workers has launched a new vertical search engine: QueryCat a FAQ search engine. Other coverage on Search Engine land, QueryCat - Search FAQs.

Kevin created the search engine using Alexa's Web Search platform to mine the web for questions and answers in FAQs. After pages are discovered they are mined and questions and answers are extracted and indexed with Lucene.

According to Kevin:
The idea was inspired by some of the "answer engines", such as as well as Google's "one box". I think that the next level of search will involve more understanding of a user's query and matching it up with structured information parsed from the web. These sort of techniques help the user find the answer just a little bit faster...We have about 2 million questions and answers right now, but I believe we can double or even triple that in the next few weeks.
Some of the answers are spot on, but others still need some tuning. For example, A query for what is the capital of mexico? returns as the first result What is the difference between the mortgage rate and the APR? (presumably because mexico and capital are in the description).

Good luck Kevin.

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  1. Where does QueryCAt get its income? There's no advertising, but presumably there must be an income stream at some point. Does Kevin intend to make it a subscription-only service eventually?