Friday, April 13

Grand Re-Opening: un caffè, per favore

Now open later for your search engine information fix.

You may have noticed (or more likely not have noticed) that the name of the blog has been changed from "Jeff's Search Cafe" to "Jeff's Search Engine Caffè". Likewise, the address has been updated and has a new TLD name,

The reason for this is that I was contacted by a company who owns the trademark for "SearchCafe". In order to avoid any more conflict and hassle, I decided to take this as an opportunity to buy a new domain name and update the site. In the long run, having its own domain name will give me more freedom -- in case I want to switch off of Blogger.

In the next few weeks I hope create a new template to go with the new name and address; the current look and feel is pretty lame.

Thanks for reading, and if you get a chance I would appreciate it if you update any bookmarks (such as those on Delicious).

P.S. Just a piece of advice to anyone who decides to do anything online, before you start do a trademark search; at the very least, search the USPTO and Google -- even if you only decide to create something on a sub-domain of a free service and your content is completely non-commercial.

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