Tuesday, April 24

Future of Search Event at UC Berkeley

There has been a lot of talk about the future of search recently, Hakia's Quest for Better Search.

Matthew Hurst pointed out that the Future of Search 'research event' at UC Berkeley is coming up on May 4th. It is billed as an opportunity for students and academics to get together and talk with industry, to set agendas for relevant research.
This event will examine the path towards the next generation of Search. This requires new technology for its development, engineering design and visualization. As the technological expertise for each component becomes increasingly complex, there is a need to better integrate them into a global model. The ultimate goal is to understand how we can fully mechanize search engines with cognitive and natural language capabilities. This event will endeavor to construct an overview of what is to come, to elucidate and formulate the main open questions in this grand quest and to highlight promising research directions.
About half the day will be taken up with three panels: NLP, Communities and Search, and Multi-Media.

Matthew is participating in the communities and search panel. The speakers and panels all look really interesting -- I wish I could attend! If you are near Berkeley, don't miss it. Registration is free!

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