Friday, April 13

Friday Round-up: GSOC, ICSWSM vids, and Edison

  1. The winners of Google's Summer of Code was announced today, all of results are here. The collaborative filtering software Taste was a winner, with two projects selected.

  2. The ICSWSM keynote videos are online at the ICSWSM blog.

  3. Apostolos Gerasoulis, co-founder of Teoma and Professors at Rutgers, leaked at SES NY (more coverage on the Social Search panel at SES NY from SEORoundTable) that Ask is working on a new ranking system. The new system, "Edison", combines Teoma's HITS link analysis (see Kleinberg's Authoritative Sources in a Hyperlinked Environment) with user behavior analysis, an evolution of DirectHit technology.

    From Rahul Lahiri, Vice President of Product Management and Search Technology at

    Edison is still in development, so we can't say too much at this juncture. I can tell you that it's a next generation algorithm that, among many other things, synthesizes modernized versions of Teoma and DirectHit technologies, as AG said this morning. It's much more complicated than saying we're just counting clicks, in the case of DirectHit. The technologies we have, and the patents we hold, go way beyond that. We're also taking a deeper look at communities and calculating the authorities in those communities. We were really inspired by looking into the universe of user behavior, and what that could tell us, and the social fabric of the Web itself, and what that tells us. We're also rolling out an upgraded search infrastructure over the course of 2007 and building a new datacenter along the Columbia River in eastern Washington, which will help our speed, freshness and data quality. It's safe to say that Edison itself will roll out over the course of the year, as we improve it and tweak parameters.

    via SearchEngineLand. Remember what I said about implicit feedback being underrated...

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