Friday, March 23

Open Source Text Mining Tools and Resources - Part II

I realized soon after I posted my previous entry on text mining tools that I missed a few. Here are a few more to keep you busy:

OpenNLP - hosts a variety of java-based NLP tools which perform sentence detection, tokenization, pos-tagging, chunking and parsing, named-entity detection, and coreference using the OpenNLP Maxent machine learning package. - a portal for news and information in the text mining community.

Kernel Machines - a portal on Support Vector Machines and kernel methods. It includes articles, tutorials, news, book references, and much more. If you want to learn about SVM classification, start here.

Carrot2 - Open source search result clustering software in Java. It interoperates with Lucene and as an add-on for Nutch. They have a gone on to create a commercial text clustering software called Lingo 3G.

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