Thursday, March 29

Not your average trailer park trash, Mobile Data Centers Part II

Last year I wrote about Google's data center in a trailer project, if you missed it, it is a great read (a spoof on cold war maneuvering). As it turns out Google canceled the project (at least that's what we're being told...), but other providers have created similar offerings, namely Sun's Project Blackbox and now Rackable's more non-descript Concentro.

A brief description of Concentro's latest:
Designed to augment or replace traditional brick-and-mortar data centers of any size, Concentro features compute density levels of up to 9600 cores in a 40' x 8' container, or up to 3.5 petabytes of storage for maximum density per square foot.
Take a look at the pictures from both companies, they look like something out of Knight Rider or Tron.

Google should not be complacent after all, James Hamilton and the rest of the enemy are fighting back. His website has his latest presentations and papers, documenting Microsoft's war effort in this arena.

There is other coverage on Geeking with Greg and Nick Carr (Showdown in the trailer park).

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