Tuesday, March 27

Cool link: Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Information Retrieval

I ran across this need link today:
Applications of AI: Information Retrieval from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. A description:

Our accustomed systems of retrieving particular bits of information no longer fill the needs of many people... Artificial intelligence may hold the key to information retrieval in an age where widely different formats contain the information being sought, and the universe of knowledge is simply too big and growing too rapidly for successful searching to proceed at a human's slow speed.
It is a great resource of links on the application of AI to information extraction, text mining, machine translation, personalization, text mining, and lots of interesting applications worth reading about.

One particular link of note (of many) is the link to Peter Norvig's presentation Theorizing from data: Avoiding the capital mistake given at UC Berkeley last September.

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