Tuesday, March 7

Victim of Yahoo

My Fiance, Krystle, is a victim of a Yahoo, of a live site test. Below is a screenshot of Yahoo testing a new homepage format:

It feels much cleaner and less cluttered than there current homepage. Below is the current homepage:

The new homepage has less text and more icons. I like the single column navigation bar on the left. The new UI also has fewer broken image links than the current page. C'mon guys, what gives?

More and more sites are doing live site testing, diverting a portion of users to new features. If you've been watching Globalspec.com, you might have noticed similar happenings (TIP: Check back very soon!). Like Yahoo and Google, we've been doing a lot of UI testing this way. It's a great way to try out new features and see what happens to important metrics.

Good times.

There has been a lot going on, which I've been digesting. For example, Microsoft invited hotmail users to partipate in the Windows Live Mail beta. Now if only I would finally get an invite to test out the Yahoo Mail Beta. I've been waiting for at least four months guys -- its about time!

I look forward to writing more soon, and maybe getting back to my series on meta-search.


  1. I agree with you, I have been also waiting for yahoo invite for long. I havent received it as yet.

  2. though yahoo sent an mail 2 months back saying that mail beta is almost ready and soon users will be able to use it. no update since then..