Thursday, March 30

Sphere beta via TypePad widget

I've been waiting to try Sphere for months, what seems like forever (see my past posts here, and here.) Well, my wait is over.

Sphere is opening the gates a bit wider after being in closed beta for what seems like forever. Typepad today announced a new "widget gallery" to add features to your TypePad blog. You should go check out TypePad Widgets. I wish blogger had something similar. Kudos to Six Apart for the innovation. What immediately got my attention was the Sphere Blog Search widget.

Michael Arrington, from TechCrunch, posted a link to a Blogger, Ouriel who put up the Sphere widget on his TypePad blog. Cool!

If you do a search and click "more results" you are directed to a sphere search results page. Now feel free to try out the beta -- without an invite! I'm still a little sore that after signing up for the beta mailing list after hearing Mary Hodder's UC Sims presentation and never hearing anything back. But, hey its out there and I can use it... which is great! More info/review coming soon.


  1. it is not michael arrington s who blogged it or even his typepad blog. it was me :)

  2. Quite right. In my hurry to post I must've only skimmed Michael's post. Sphere was much more distracting ;-).