Tuesday, February 14

New AJAX Libraries, tools, and design patterns

Yahoo released two cool pieces of code yesterday. The Yahoo UI Blog announanced the release of a AJAX UI library and also a UI design patterns library.

If I get a chance I want to look at the drag and drop code as well as the DOM tools. I hope it's well documented! One of the "hidden costs" of free software is that often times you have to figure it out yourself because of a dirth of up-to-date documentation.

On a related topic, I was digging around yesterday looking for a Javascript debugger for Eclipse. I'm working on my wedding website, which I am writing in PHP. I'm using Eclipse, and I was doing some Javascript for my online RSVP form. I think it's pretty neat, the menu selector, the ability to add people, etc... uses a fair bit of JS. A good debugger is worth its weight in gold.

I ran across the news that IBM will be contributing the AJAX Tools Framework to the Eclipse project. Some of the cool features are an integrated Javascript debugging environment and DOM Inspector. It will run Mozilla inside Eclipse. Sounds pretty cool. They hope to have a prototype for feedback in Q1 and hopefully something more robust by Q2.

If you are looking for a good Javascript debugger now, your choices are: MyEclipse for an Eclipse plug-in, Venkman's Firefox Plug-in, and of course good ol' MS Script Debugger. I don't really like Venkman's, the UI is just a bit clunky compared to what I am used to in VS / Eclipse. I haven't tried the MyEclipse editor because I haven't wanted to shell out the cash -- because after all, I am saving for a wedding here!

It's nice to see some of these technologies taking off now that we have crossed some major browser adoption milestones for CSS capable browsers. It's a fun time to be a developer.

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