Tuesday, January 31

Globalspec 2005 Results

Globalspec, my employer, today made its 2005 year-end announcement. It is a privately held company, so there are no earnings information, but the numbers are interesting nonetheless. Although it will probably be overshadowed in the press today because of Google releasing its year-end number later this afternoon.

Here is a sample from the press release:
During 2005, GlobalSpec sales volume grew 51% over 2004, while the company’s worldwideuser base expanded to more than 2 million registered users. GlobalSpec continues to add new registered users at the current rate of 20,000 per week. SpecSearch®, GlobalSpec’s trademarked technology allowing engineers and other scientific and technical professionals the ability to search by product specification, now includes more than 95 million parts in 1,400,000 product families from over 17,000 catalogs.
One thing that it doesn't say that I will add is that The Engineering Web grew significantly in 2005, both in the amount of content and in its quality. For instance, in 2005 Globalspec created lots of new parnerships, adding important and useful content from partners like the IEEE and Knovel. We cracked down on spam, which is a continuous process, and made significant investments in resources to growth the breadth and depth of content. We also made signficant changes to improve the freshness of the content.

But, that's just my opinion. Try some searches on The Engineering Web.

I would be interested in hearing peoples' opinions about its strengths, weaknesses, and would we could do to make it better. Have people noticed the improvements made in 2005?

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  1. Anonymous6:57 AM EST

    I think i noticed a huge improvement in the company's website exactly when you joined it...coincidence...i think not!