Saturday, December 10

Yahoo Having a Wiki Good Time

With all the major buzz over Yahoo's acquisition of social sites, I thought it would be interesting to look at one that Yahoo hasn't acquired yet -- WikiMedia. I guess it's not surprising, but what I found was that the two are already collaborating.

Back in April Yahoo and Wikimedia announced that Yahoo would be donating server and bandwidth resources in Asia. You can read the full press release on Wikimedia's website. According to the press release,"Yahoo! is one of the Wikimedia Foundation's earliest corporate supporters."

At this time Jimmy Wales, the creator of Wikipedia, was guest blogger on Yahoo's search blog. Jimmy Wales clearly says that Yahoo's relationship is purely "charitable." Jimmy says in his post:
As our relationship with Yahoo has grown over the past year, we began to talk about other ways that Yahoo could help us. One theme that made sense for both of us was to think about Yahoo's global reach and Wikipedia's global goals.
In what ways are Yahoo and Wikimedia going to collaborate on global expansion? What are other ways that Yahoo will help Wikimedia? I wonder how this relationship will evolve.

Yahoo wants Wikipedia to succeed because it has a lot at stake in this new social movement -- Yahoo has a large amount of capital, tens of millions, vested in seeing it succeed. Wikipedia's continued properity and growth lends credence to Yahoo's new community initatives.

More thoughts on this to come...