Friday, December 23

Roller and JRoller -- Blogging for the Java community

So, I have my blog on Blogger, but I am keeping my eye on Roller. According to the site Roller is:
Roller is a blog server, a Java-based web application that is designed to support multiple simultaneous weblog users and visitors. Roller supports all of the latest-and-greatest weblogging features such as comments, WYSIWYG HTML editing, page templates, RSS syndication, trackback, blogroll management, and provides an XML-RPC interface for blogging clients such as w:bloggar, MarsEdit, Ecto, and nntp//rss.
Hmm, sounds cool. Sun uses it on its website and it has integrated spell checking using Jazzy.

There is also a free Roller blog hosting service called JRoller. It is "the catalyst of the java blogging community." JRoller has a lot of promise. It has a pretty sizable blogging community there, purportedly 10,000+ java developers. Wow! That's a very sizable Java geek squad in one place. Does Microsoft have a .Net blogging community? ;-) One area where there is opportunity for improvement is the URL you get for your blog: Apprentely, they are considering offering sub-domains (like Blogger). Please go over and add your voice for this feature!

Overall, Roller looks like a fairly mature platform and the JRoller community looks to be growing... I'm definitely a fan of Java, so I have a feeling I'll be reading more geek blogs over there.

On that note, instead of going on a GYM diet, perhaps I should go on a A-List free blogger diet. No reading Scoble, Greg, Jeremy, Matt, Battelle, Om, etc... Rather, I'll read less well known and geekier blogs, perhaps I'll start by exploring JRoller...

It's a slow friday... so congrats to whoever reads this ;-).