Monday, November 14

Reading List on NLP / Information Retrieval

So I ran across some reviews by Peter Norvig on Amazon. On a side note, judging by Peter's wish list it looks like he's really getting into photography.

Some of the books caught my attention and I'm going to dig into some of them in more detail when I get the chance.

First some blatant ripping of selections from his list:

Statistical Learning and NLP

Speech and Language Processing: An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics and Speech Recognition by Jurafsky & Martin. Peter says this book a good general NLP / Theory book. The foundations of statistical natural language processing is more focused on algorithms.
Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing by Chris Manning from Stanford
Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition by Christopher Bishop

Information Retrieval (IR)
Managing Gigabytes by Witten, Moffat, and Bell. Definitely a must read in the genre!

-- and now for my appendix to Peter's very nice list:
Modern Information Retrieval by Yates and Neto
Mining the Web by Chakrabarti

The interested reader should also refer to: (and its newer sibling)

Others Miscellaneous Books / Proceedings
Natural Language Processing for Online Applications: Text Retrieval, Extraction, and Categorization by Jackson and Moulinier

I think I might also give one of the other's from Peter's a try:
Selected Papers on Computer Science (Csli Lecture Notes) looks very interesting to me.

Also I had a friend point this one out to me which I'm sure I will find stimulating:
Survey of Text Mining : Clustering, Classification, and Retrieval by Michael Berry.

Did I miss anything? Anyone want to add some? More importantly, it looks like I need a crash course in statistics, one thing they didn't teach use at Union -- does anyone know any good books?

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