Tuesday, November 15

Human Vs. Computer RTS Game

Yahoo (Human) vs. Google (Computer) Real Time Search Game. Who will win?

Here is an interesting article in Business 2.0 about Flickr's acquisition and how Yahoo is betting on social networks, tagging, etc...

That upstart in neighboring Mountain View may have a better reputation for search, it may dominate online advertising, and it may always win when it comes to machines and math. But Yahoo has 191 million registered users. What would happen if it could form deep, lasting, Flickr-like bonds with them -- and get them to apply tags not just to photos, but to the entire Web?
So, just how do you get people involved in tagging the web? What does that look like? Perhaps Rolly-o is a start?

The real question of the day is: is Google playing on easy, average, or super ultimo death mode?

You know, I bet those geeks at Google/Yahoo have some killer private HLF2 Counter-strike / Quake III servers. What DO you do with a few thousand servers and almost unlimited bandwidth.. Hmm... really now. Next up: Yahoo's social networking / bookmarking / life MMORPG where you play as yourself. ;-). Imagine the possibilities.

Any Googlers / Yahooers / MSNers / etc.. want to chime in? ... not that they actually read this, but still! Any search engine death matches going on after hours?

Kudos to SearchBlog for the tip and Westwood Studios (EA) / Sony / Id for the idea.

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