Monday, November 14

Google Spell-Check Snafu


Some of you may have noticed that the HTML in my last post was slightly fuzzled for a few days. I started using Google's spell check that is built into the toolbar. To make a long story short, I accidentally hit "publish" when I was in spell check mode. oops!

Has this happened to anyone else? I resorted to manual html editing -- paste into notepad, edit html, paste back into firefox and re-post. The HTML was a big mess, almost as bad as word HTML. All of the span highlighting was a pain to get out! I wish there was an "undo" or "clean" feature. I could probably write one. It shouldn't be too hard.

All of the span tags have a common id convention: gtbmisp_xx where xx is the number of the spell check correction. It also adds a bunch of divs at the end where the actual spell check corrections are rendered, they have Ids like: gtbspellmenu_xx.

You know, its really amazing how simple the spell checking tool really is. It's not that hard to implement with a little XMLHttp and CSS / Javascript tricks.

Here's hoping for a proper clean button!

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