Wednesday, November 16

Excuse me, I believe Google has my stapler...

We knew it was coming, but somebody at Google was working late last night (until at least 9:51pm PST). It's official, Google Base is online.

So the jokes in the geek world of course will include the obligatory: All your base are belong to Google. In fact, I bet that's what they would have titled the press release if the developers could have written it and not been forced to un-geekify it.

It looks like Sergey and Larry have finally eclipsed one of their advisors, Mr. Hector Garcia-Molina in their attempt to gain supreme power:

The Google Blog has been updated with a post on Google Base.

I'm sure there is going to be a flurry of buzz over this one. I for one think this is a really cool idea. For example I can just search Recipes, job postings, anything.

For fear of sounding stupid, Why is it called Google Base?

It's really cool, I can create any arbitrary object with a collection of attributes, description, keywords (*cough* tags *cough*), and possibly pictures.

I'think I'll put my collection of Red Swingline staplers online.

Excuse me Mr Brin, I believe you have my stapler...


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM EST

    I believe it's Google Base as in "Database."

  2. Ah, of course. See, I told you it was a stupid question.