Wednesday, October 26

Hello nuisance

RateLimitingException. So I decided to upload a picture to go with my blog. To do this I had to download Hello (or other Picasa program might have worked). So I signed up AGAIN, and when I tried to upload a picture I got the above error.

I am attempting to do what it says --> create a post on my blog and solve a "captcha".

Whew, this is ridiculous. I already have Gmail / Google accounts, now I need two more? There some room for improvement here folks. So far setting up a blog and getting it tweaked has taken almost an hour (including the Hello technical snafus). This is still way to complicated for the average user, IMHO. My parents definitely would be lost right now.

Google, if you are listening -- MAKE THIS EASIER. And this is still better than Yahoo 360. I decided to sign up for both and see which I liked better. I've gotta say so far that blogger is far superior. More on this later...

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